Recent Program Enhancements

We update Star Analyzer at regular intervals in response to user requests. If you have new features or enhanced report formats you would like to see in Star Analyzer, please contact us and let us know about them.

When you purchase Star Analyzer, you receive free updates and support for a full year. After the first year, you can renew your support and updates for $50 for each year. Staying updated means you will always have access to tech support and the latest Star Analyzer features.

The following is a list of the major recent enhancements.

Commercial Single, Double, Triple Net Lease

In response to requests from several investors who are analyzing commercial properties, Star Analyzer now handles Single, Double, and Triple net leases when you have specified a Commercial Property on the Property Tab. On the Expenses tab you'll now find a set of radio buttons to select the type of lease.

Actual-Proforma Colors

Previous versions of Star Analyzer changed the font color from black to maroon to indicate proforma data. V9.06 now uses a green background for actual data and a blue background for proforma data. This makes all the data easier to read.

Tab Group Position Changes

Because many people are not interested in Capital Additions and Reserves, Taxes, and Cost Recovery, we have moved these tabs to the right-hand side of the main tab group to give them less importance. We have also renamed "Other" to "Assume". This tab is where you can enter assumptions about cost of sale and appreciation.

Itemized Income Data Entry Screen Change

To reduce the apparent complexity of the program, we have altered the look of the Itemized Income data entry screen. To see the unit mix spreadsheet, you must now click the Gross Scheduled Income control. Once this control is clicked, you see a screen on which you can enter unit mix data for up to ten different future time periods.

Return on Initial Investment

Star Analyzer creates a series of comprehensive spreadsheets to show details on all calculations, including Return on Investment.

If you would prefer to show Return on Initial Investment in a simpler format, V9.06 now features a "Return" tab next to the "APOD" tab. This new tab displays Return on Initial Investment, Real Estate Taxable Income, and Tax Liability or Savings, and the calculations required to generate this data.

When you print the APOD (Annual Property Operating Data) report you now have the option of including or excluding Return on Initial Investment and Tax Liability or Savings.

Future Unit Mix Enhancements

As in the past, you may schedule rent increases at up to ten different months in the future, however you can now choose to use step-wise or linear rent increases in the periods between specified months.

Default Ratio (Break Even) Indicator

The Default Ratio measures the relationship between income, expense and debt. This indicator shows whether the property can support the debt placed on the property. If the Default Ratio is greater than 85% this investment may be risky.

The formula for the Default Ratio is: Default Ratio = (Operating Expenses + Debt Service) x 100 รท Gross Operating Income

Standard Report Enhancements

Most of the reports have been enhanced to be even more visually appealing than in the past. Also, your photo and company logo are automatically sized and properly placed for you. No more guess work.

You can now enter as much text as you wish in the Amenities and Features box on the Property Tab, and the reports will automatically adjust to fit the space required.

The Property Details report now includes multiple years of unit mix and vacancy data.

You can now print an Equity Chart, in addition to the Annual and Comparison charts that were available in previous releases.

Future Vacancy Rate Enhancements

Just as with future unit mix, you can schedule vacancy rates at up to ten different months in the future. In addition to physical vacancy, you may now specify up to five other vacancy losses such as Loss to Lease, Concessions, Bad Debt / Delinquency, Non-Revenue Units, etc.

And just as with future unit mix, you can choose to use step-wise or linear rent increases in the periods between specified months.

The Future is Yet to Come

We are committed to your success. As mentioned above we would love to add your ideas for special reports and features to Star Analyzer. Please contact us with your ideas.

Customize Star Analyzer

No, you don't need to customize it yourself.

Just send us your great ideas for features and reports, and we'll include the best of them in future Star Analyzer releases.